Daft Punk Is Trolling Everyone

Well, the Ultra Phase 3 Lineup was released yesterday, and what a disappointment it was. Notably missing from the latest list of artists taking the stage at UMF are Daft Punk. (Not to mention Digitalism.) Despite rumors that the robotic duo would appear at Ultra to kick off a nationwide tour in support of their Tron: Legacy soundtrack, the final announcement came and went with no mention of Daft Punk. What the fuck?

Having composed the epic score for Tron: Legacy, Daft Punk were supposed to head out on tour. No dates were ever announced, but rabid speculation lead many to believe that Miami Music Week would mark the beginning of the robots’ return to the stage after years of vacation.

As if out of spite, news about R3CONFIGUR3D, the remix LP for the Tron: Legacy score, dropped this very month. Still lacking any official confirmation on the supposed Tron tour, it almost seems like they’re trolling their own fans – but why would Daft Punk ever do that? Surely they have been hard at work putting together a performance that could put their Alive: 2007 shows to shame, or a new LP that will lay the groundwork for a generation of musical innovation. Or maybe they’ve been working on a little something called Daft Coke.

Yes, it’s real: Daft Coke. Rumors have by flying about Daft Punk x Coca-Cola Club Coke ever since that site went online, with some sources even claiming that the duo produced an original track for the campaign and that they’ve opted to promote Diet Coke specifically. Their PR company has since tried to quash speculation that Daft Punk have sold out entirely, despite their multimillion dollar deal with Disney which even includes an attraction at Disneyland. If you care about collecting Coke Bottles, this could be the best news ever. On the other hand, if you missed Bang 2006 (and Coachella, etc.) like I did, this is bullshit. What the fuck, Daft Punk?


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