Tropiganda Asks: Who Do You Rock in Mortal Kombat?

Mortal Kombat has been to society what hotel maids have been to certain recent IMF banking heads: violently irresistible.


The syrupy arcade hyper-violence that makes the Mortal Kombat series is due to its Hollywood approach to fighting games. Instead of being a bloodless, translated fighter, it was and is a home-grown death romp between a gang of mostly nefarious, dripping-with-evil types.

It’s the Johnny Cage of video games – flashy and excessive – but ten times more addictive than the contents of his medicine cabinet. And – just like Hollywood – it’s a game that has always been made heavily accessible to children.

There’s people who grew up with the nobler combatants, but with a game so magnificently gory, who can resist playing a hell-Tweaked Scorpion or Reptile?

I went to a Bible-thumping elementary school. And THE event, every year, was the field trip to Malibu Grand Prix & Arcade. And we all played. Heavily. Till the soda and candy coma took over. Till all the prayers melted out of our rapt little heads. Till our fingers blistered and our pockets emptied. And no one fucked with me when I rocked Sub-Zero.

No one.

Helado (Sub-Zero’s Theme) by harvardbass

So who’s your favorite kill-and-thrill alter ego? It can be retro, new, whatever. The only wrong answer is : “I’ve never played Mortal Kombat.”


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