Nu-Capitalist Summer: To Slum or not to Slum?

To work, or to play? Capitalist summer in Miami thrives on button-popping sexual tourisms and umbrella drinks. For outsiders, its a glory hole. For natives, it’s just another 80% humidity day with or without shit to do.


American summer carries with it so many images of a care-free cotton candy hyper-realities, its a wonder anything gets done. Nu-Capitalism has always been about the exhibitionist display of a delicate balance between work and play, but unless you’re fine sitting in lotus position and meditating all day, people’s cashflow contexts never let up enough free mind time to get that mental balance in the black.

So there’s always the decision. Should so much free time be dedicated to spamming extra cash opportunities (off tourists, especially), or ride the slum wave and try to make it on dimes, good looks, and overall affability and, dare I say, spunk?

Unless you’re a filthy rich trust fund kid. But your summer has its own implications, and will come at a cost – the succor on your mental, physical, and monetary stipend will be mighty. I’m sure there’s some go-getter, no-pay internship job with an international banker that will get you to your Mercedes and sushi dreams one day, kid.

So if you’re not down with handing pot-bellied alabaster Englishmen mojitos or standing behind a counter all day folding clothes, try to find money some other way. Craigslist is bursting at the seams with them, even though 50% of them lead into a life of sex, realty, or chopped-car parts trade. Find movie shoots that need extras. Move shit into art galleries. Be a grip, cue cards guy, or whatever. Get paid in cash, in hand.

It’s not hobo. It’s not boho. It’s slummin’. There’s nothing in this world as fungible as cash, so get it, and then convert it into whatever you want. Hopefully, a slummin’ summer gutter-sniping at the annual visit of snow whales while soaking up the freest thing Miami has to offer – the sun.

In the mean time, slum it for real with this bit of slum kultcha, straight from Buraka Som Sistema. The world’s all about and has always been about getting by, baby.


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