Cooling Sun Will Offset Perceived Warming Trend, Climate Change ‘No Longer A Threat’

The threat of global warming has been narrowly averted, scientists say. Thanks to a mysterious drop-off in solar activity, which astronomers say corresponds to an extended solar minimum, humanity will be spared the long centuries of unimaginable pain and hardship expected to follow catastrophic climate collapse.


Ronald Fucking Reagan.

It’s 1980. The baby boomers are in their 20′s and 30′s and constitute the largest voting bloc in the country. The prohibition-inquisition known as MADD has just been established by a roving band of profiteering harpies. The oil shock of 1979 just shook America to its sludgy black core, and the Communist threat is as prevalent as ever. The baby boomers are afraid, and naturally they turn to a strong, charismatic leader to save them.

Ronald Reagan wins the presidential election barely or by a landslide, depending on who you ask, with a respectable 422 electoral votes and a laughable 51% of the popular vote. Conservative nuts are busting all over the country, and the founding fathers are turning in their graves.

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