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Florida Senator Marco Rubio announces his run for President of the United States. Does the GOP golden boy have what it takes to beat Republican rivals and President Obama?

“I will seek the GOP nomination”

As the 2012 election campaign begins to gear up, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is making a late entrance into a crowded field. His smart, business-friendly political style has helped the young senator move up quickly in the GOP ranks, but now that Rubio has officially announced that he will seek the Republican nomination, many are wondering how the junior senator from Florida will fare against respected GOP heavyweights like Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachman, and Rick Perry.

In many ways, Rubio is the ideal candidate for the Republican nomination. The darling of Florida’s right wing elite, Marco is a pro-business, anti-tax lockstep conservative with a chiseled smile and no baggage to speak of. His only shortcoming is his relative inexperience, but in the modern GOP, experience is a non-issue.

That’s because Americans have clearly shown that they’re sick and tired of the career politicians in Washington, and the irrefutable triumph of the Tea Party in 2010 is a living testament to that fact.

A Loyal American

In recent months, Rubio has surpassed his GOP rivals in his unwavering dedication to the right wing cause. His visionary speech at the Ronald Reagan Library on August 24 should have been an wake up call for the current GOP frontrunners, each of whom lacks the proverbial cojones to come out and say what Americans are really thinking: we need to end those socialist ponzi schemes now and privatize them in the name of Capitalism.

The speech, (watch it here), in which Rubio heroically condemned social security and medicare as the insidious communist plots they are, clearly resonated with the American public, as this tweet from attendee Dick Quinn suggests:

Saw Senator Rubio's speech at Reagan Library. He has potential to unite the party and help make Obama a one term president.
Richard F. Quinn, Sr

Rubio’s bold honesty is a happy reminder of the Bush years, back when it was okay to speak your mind and love your country without big government trying to get involved. Americans just want a leader that will stand up to Washington; one with the guts and the values to make America great again.

Liberal Smear Campaign

In its endless campaign to discredit Rubio, the notoriously liberal Miami Herald recently published a rebuttal to the Senator’s speech by Dan Gelber, a former state senator from Miami Beach. Gelber, whose glaring left wing bias is obvious from the very start, maliciously misconstrues Rubio’s words and egregiously mocks the Senator’s honorable intentions.

In his blatantly partisan rebuttal, which ‘coincidentally’ bears a suspicious similarity to the Communist Manifesto, Gelber admits, and even glorifies, his (and presumably the Democrat party’s) anti-American aspirations: “Now is not the time to retreat from who we have always aspired to be.” By arguing that we must “aspire” to something, he’s also saying that America isn’t perfect – the words of a true terrorist.

Growing National Support

“We need a President Rubio who stops Obama’s profligate deficit spending and fights to make the New American Century a reality.”

Support for Rubio’s 2012 run is alive well beyond the borders of his home state. In fact, the popular website Draft Marco Rubio, which months ago called for Rubio to enter the race, is operated by a Texan.

This level-headed Texan also runs a fair and balanced blog called Rick Perry vs. The World, where he defends distinguished governor and current GOP frontrunner Rick Perry from liberal smear campaigns, but it speaks volumes to Rubio’s draw as a candidate that this Texan has chosen to support the senator over his own governor. Marco Rubio is rapidly gaining momentum in the push for the GOP nomination.

Hope For America

By beating out both a former Republican (Florida governor and excommunicated turncoat Charlie Crist) and a well known Democrat (Kendrick Meek) in the 2010 congressional race, Rubio proved that the majority of Floridians are Tea Party loyalists in favor of a smaller government, banning abortions, and a constitutional amendment forcing a balanced federal budget.

With the fate of the election likely to be decided in Florida, it would make perfect sense for the GOP to nominate a candidate that can easily carry the battleground state. Rubio’s boyish good looks and that golden tongue of his are sure to be a hit among republicans, and with Sarah Palin slated as a potential running mate, America’s future is looking brighter already. At least one thing’s for sure: Don’t misunderestimate Rubio.


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