Some people just want to watch the world burn. We are those kind of people.


  1. Tropiganda is a banana-shaped hand grenade with the pin pulled out being cooked, seconds from being tossed into a throng of slackjawed brosteppers while they beg for the next big thing.
  2. Tropiganda is a cultural contagion on the verge of infecting the collective consciousness. It cannot be quarantined, treated, or even diagnosed: it’s the invisible zombie apocalypse.
  3. Tropiganda is an invasion of decency and privacy and other abstract concepts by mysterious body-snatchers hell-bent on replacing everything you know with a nearly identical proxy for reasons never really explained.
  4. Tropiganda is digital espionage, analog excess, and quantum sabotage, like Russian Roulette with facts and ten times as lethal.
  5. Tropiganda is guerrilla diplomacy in a war of ideas, social psyops in the battle for hearts and minds.
  6. Tropiganda is a cyberbully soapbox, a pulpit for thought criminals, junk scientists, and erudite trolls.
  7. Tropiganda is a public relations pyramid scheme, a metascene. A place for day traders in cynicism and blasphemy.
  8. Tropiganda is our mutual skeptyism rendered in hypertext markup for mass appeal.
  9. Tropiganda is the sum of its parts, a cult of personalities designed to obfuscate and undermine the selective reality presented by the status quo.
  10. Tropiganda is the Ministry of Tropiganda. We make no promises. We report to no one.
  11. We do it for the lulz, mostly.