Murder Ballads: 5 Killer Songs To Positively Die For

Murder Ballad.

Chew on that curious union of words for a minute. It brings to mind folk songs sung by applesauce-cyanide cults, clad in Nike sneakers. Screenshots of HELTER SKELTER written on the walls in blood. Streamed video of Buffalo Bill in a self-stitched skin suit, playing a mandolin to the well-lotioned occupant of his dark and deep cellar well. But what horrors do this morbid and macabre musical sub-genre actually consist of? More…

Blaqstarr Leaves Your Sheets Wet


Something is missing. Tonight, a thousand ill-fated couples, flush with the vigor of booze and the prospect of conquest, will seclude themselves in softly-lit rooms. The mood will be set, the shades drawn low. But man, there just ain’t no music to bump to.

Our generation is missing the instantaneous dry-hump-inspiring sounds of our own Marvin Gaye, Prince, or D’Angelo. Blaqstarr’s new EP, Divine, though, gives us all hope for a stickier tomorrow.


The Brit-ish Triangle : Britney Colonizes Dubstep

the britney triangle

Dubstep people should have started getting worried when Britney Spears adopted that terrible British accent. There’s a new trans-Atlantic triangular trade going down. UK-cultural stockpiles are being slavishly appropriated by American producers to ferment sugary,cross-genre electropop.

Dubstep, now thoroughly market-researched and sufficiently MTV- buzzified, has had its recipe deciphered (what a brain-burner that must have been) and bottled into high-proof, mainstream swill with a diluted ‘exotic’ musical appeal for the consumption of the masses. The meteoritic populariy of Spear’s “Hold it Against Me” has had various factions of the dubstep blogosphere in a sine wave wah-bbling uproar, but this isn’t the first time a UK-borne musical influence has passed through the Britney triangle:


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