In The Press

People are always talking mad shit about Tropiganda. Here’s a tiny sample of what the haters have to say. Oh, and don’t forget to give your 2 cents in the comments. The best quotes will be stolen and enshrined on this very page.

  • “A Meta-Phallo-Digital Exorcism in B Sharp”
    -The New York Times
  • “Resembles The Onion circa 2004, sans the readership base”
    -USA Today
  • “This sort of reckless criminal behavior lends a renewed sense of urgency to the War on Drugs”
  • “Self-immolation and pornography combine surprisingly well…”
  • “A riveting, Huxley-esque journey into the labyrinthine halls of the human mind, in search of the ultimate dick joke”
    -The Atlantic
  • “Diese Jungs sind mit phallischen Früchten besessen!”
    -Der Spiegel
  • “…que utilizan el plátano como un dispositivo sexual, mientras que los niños pasan hambre. Ni siquiera guarden las cáscaras para utilizar como condones…”

*Everything made up