Die Faster: 5 Trend Deaths in 2010

It seems that in today’s trigger happy tech world, trends have shorter and shorter life-spans. Are we witness to an evolution of the meme? Is the ever-growing internet monster gobbling up our icons so quickly that cultural staples are no longer possible? Personally, I like to think of it as trimming the fat; here are five trends that I sure as hell won’t be sad to wave goodbye to. As Duke Nukem (and probably a few Assange exposed war criminals) said, “Kill em all, let god sort em out.”
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A New Year, Time We Make Some Changes

People of the world, you must understand that we are now in the midst of one of the most annoying days of the year. Coming second only to those holidays where you gather around your family and have them tell you about your life, New Years Day is pretty much the worst thing imaginable.

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Five Tired Conversation-Starters to Leave Behind in 2010

We’re all guilty of it. The no-brainer ice-breaker.  When the chill is on, nothing works like baiting your convo with easy global issues.  It’s the social equivalent of fishing with dynamite, and its usually a last ditch effort when dealing with the general well-drink drunk fare. If you’re not clued in, here’s a cheat sheet to help separate you from 2010’s old news:
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